Welcome to Tracktable!

Tracktable’s purpose is to load, assemble, analyze and render the paths traced out by moving objects. We combine the best tools and techniques we can find from both Python and C++ with the intent of making all of our capabilities easily accessible from both languages. We want to make it easy to…

  • Render trajectories as histograms (heatmaps), track plots and movies.

  • Run heavy-duty analysis in C++ and manipulate the results quickly in Python.

  • Couple algorithms from top to bottom:

    • databases to store raw data,

    • filtering and cleaning techniques to assemble points into trajectories,

    • computational geometry to characterize them,

    • clustering and spatial data structures to find groups, and

    • visualization to help communicate your findings.

  • Have fun!

If you come across problems, please tell us about them so that we can improve Tracktable in the future!


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